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Quality Sod is an instant and tough lawn (a few days), however; a careful seeding process and slow growth (4-6 weeks) can result in a quality lawn also. Total time for either process is dependent on the total area to sod or seed.

Sod rolls or seeding from scratch?

Making a decision between laying sod and seeding your lawn is often driven by the cost. Your initial costs will be higher with sod, but you’ll have an instant lawn that’s ready for your family to enjoy in about two weeks. A seeded lawn is more economical, but will take much longer and require a considerable amount of effort on your part to achieve the same result. To make a fair comparison, always remember to factor in a couple of key points:


Once you lay sod in your yard, simply keep it well watered for a couple of weeks and you’re ready to go. If you choose to seed your lawn, expect 4-6 weeks for even sporadic growth. As not all of the seed will typically germinate due to birds, weed competition, etc., you should plan on over-seeding at least once. As our sod is matured for approximately twelve months before it’s delivered to you, you can expect a similar time-frame before you have a similar result.


Grass seed needs water to germinate and grow. Given that you’re seeding into bare soil, providing this water also encourages weed growth. With little to compete with, and a much faster growth cycle than your grass, it can often seem as if you planted a weed patch instead of a lawn! Be patient. Spray out the weeds with a quality weed spray that’s designed to be safe for your young grass. Once the weeds are sprayed out, you may need to re-seed those areas again.

Take a look at our Gallery Images for Examples of the Sod Process