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Kentucky Bluegrass Sod​

High Quality & Common​

High Quality & Common

Available in small rolls 2′ x 5′ or large rolls 4′ x 100′ (pickup or delivery)

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most commonly used cool-season grass. It can be found in golf courses, athletic fields, home lawns and parks throughout the United States.

The popularity of the Kentucky Bluegrass is due to its ability to thrive in hot and cool temperatures, and tolerance to a variety of mowing heights. It’s root system can grow to depths of up to one and a half feet, providing dense, lush turf.

Kentucky Bluegrass/Fescue Blend sod

The fescue blend sod stands up to higher traffic areas and is quick in self-repairing. Since it is a blend, it can adapt to the conditions it’s planted in. It grows great in sun or shade and has excellent disease and drought tolerance. It can stand up to the hot temps and will not brown out.

Features and Benefits

Fast establishing
High tensile strength
Diverse genetics
Good wear tolerance, self-repairs
Tolerates extreme heat and cold very well
Can be trained to mow at shorter heights for golf course greens
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