Tvetene Turf

Soil, Mulch, and Gardening Soil Blends

Everything you need for your lawn and Garden soil

The basis for a great lawn landscape area and garden starts with quality soil. Tvetene Turf now offers several different types of soil for site prep. We carry gypsum, compost, peat, amended topsoil, straight top soil and natural mulch. We also blend an exceptional garden soil for topdressing your lawn or for use in garden beds. All of the soils are available in bulk, however, we do also offer small bags of the blended garden soil.

Amended Topsoil

  • 2/3 topsoil 1/3 compost
  • Has more nutrients than straight topsoil
  • Best for underneath sod

Straight Topsoil

  • Screened Fill Dirt
  • Filler for raised beds
  • Repairing eroded areas


  • Tree bark, leaves, livestock, food
  • Certified organic
  • Used as soil conditioner, amendment and fertilizer
  • Natural pesticide
  • Erosion control

Composted Mulch

  • Screened compost
  • Reduces pest disease and damage
  • Carbon sequestration, erosion control, and fire remediation

Pine Mulch

  • Growing season surface mulch to keep weeds down
  • Retain soil moisture
  • Thick protective winter mulch over tender plants
  • Prevents soil disease

Black Peat

  • Adds nutrients to the soil
  • Regulates moisture and air
  • Keeps soil from hardening and adds organic material

Brown Peat

  • Used as a filler
  • Holds moisture
  • Decreases PH

Garden Blend

  • Blend of topsoil, compost, and peat
  • Used in gardens
  • Base for sod and can be used as a top dress

Fill Dirt

  • Used as a filler
  • No nutrient values
  • Unscreened

1 ½” Washed Rock

  • Used for drainage
  • Used as ground cover in landscaping applications

5/8” Limestone Chips

  • Used For Driveways, walkways, and patios
  • Base for retaining walls and pavers
  • Drainage purposes and erosion control in gardens

¾” Bedding Rock

  • Used for concrete flatwork
  • Used in ready mix concrete and drainage applications
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